Refresh Renovations Franchise Support & Training
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Refresh Renovations Franchise Support & Training

Refresh UK prides itself on our positive and collaborative support & training programme. From Head office support on a fundamental business level, all the way down to inter franchisee communication, it may seem cliche, but Refresh Renovations UK behaves like a big family.

The Master Franchise offers formal support in the form of the following:

Marie Smith - Franchise Business Manager

We may be biased, but we truly believe that our training and support package is second to none in the franchising market.

Annual Global Conference

Held in one of our global territories each year (New Zealand, Australia, USA and the UK), the annual global conference gives attending franchisees the ability to meet other Refresh business owners from around the globe, facilitating international discussion. The ability to share knowledge across 100’s of franchisees and discuss sales techniques, trials and tribulations and learn from one another in a series of formal training sessions and informal settings alike.

Bi-annual UK Conference

Our Bi-Annual UK conference is a chance to drill down into more detailed learning, from lead generation and project types through to conversion rates and sales techniques. Our UK Conference is a chance for us to identify areas of growth and help our franchisees with the skills needed to achieve their goals. Our UK conference is also a great opportunity to solidify relationships with your fellow Franchisees and through working groups and the conference social events.

Annual business and marketing planning sessions

Your Franchise Business Manager will organise a session with you annually to review your business and marketing plans for the coming year. Using their knowledge and experience of the Refresh business systems, your FBM will work with you to solidify your business goals and put in place any training and support you and your team might need to help you achieve and exceed these.

Marie Smith - Franchise Business Manager

Quarterly Business Reviews

Every quarter the Franchise Business Manager will work with you to review your previous quarters business performance. Looking at over 40 KPI metrics, allows you both to take a top-down view of your business and take any action required to keep you on track to achieve your annual targets.

Monthly Global Webinar

A monthly global webinar is used to keep all global franchisees up to date with any changes or updates in terms of process, documentation, technology or news. This monthly webinar usually takes the form of a virtual presentation to update franchisees on any new or relevant information which may assist them in the efficient and profitable running of their business.

A weekly online “huddle” to catch up with your peers and the team

The UK “huddles” are an informal catch up with the whole UK team once per week to discuss any UK specific updates, chat through any issues, and brainstorm ideas. Whilst the “Huddles” have an agenda for the week, the door is open for all Franchisees to raise any matters that they would like to discuss with the team.

Dedicated “New starter” support

Catch ups with your Franchise Business Manager, specifically catering to the needs of new starters. This allows the Head office to give more bespoke support to the new franchisees during their first few months of trade.

A friendly group chat where you can ask questions

Our Refresh franchisee group chat is a place where franchisees can easily ask a question to the network and get quick answers, share our wins, receive urgent updates from Head Offices and also share experiences.

The Learning Management System

Refresh’s online Learning Management System (LMS) is a portal with access to all the knowledge, training, resources and documentation you will ever need to run your Refresh business

From video tutorials on our IT platforms, all the way through to contracts and email templates, the LMS is an invaluable asset to our Franchisees and their teams.

To find out more, why not get in touch to discuss your Franchise Future!

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