Refresh Renovations U.K. Franchisee Conference 2021
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Refresh Renovations U.K. Franchisee Conference 2021

After the events of the last couple of years putting pay to any possibility of getting together with our peers, we were so pleased to be able to arrange our 2021 conference to celebrate the achievements of our franchisees, put in place goals for the coming year, and in many cases, just finally get to meet each other in real life.

Franchise business is a serious endeavour, which requires hard work, impeccable organisation and measured control of your investment. The Refresh Renovations Franchisee Conference is a way for us to compound on some learning, allow the franchisees some face to face time with each other, and celebrate some of the amazing achievements of our teams!

The Million Dollar Masterclass (That’s £500k to us Brits!)

Much of the focus around the two-day conference, was on growing our Franchisee’s businesses to what we have identified as a sweet spot of success.

After a call with the team in New Zealand to welcome our Franchisees to the conference, the General Manager for the UK, Vincent Smith, took Franchisees through the fundamental revenue levers to grow a successful Refresh Franchise to over the 500k marker, of course keeping in mind our core company values, and mission statement.

In a debate-style, franchisee teams pitched against each other to argue why each Revenue Lever (Either Lead, Conversion, or project type) was the most important controller for driving revenue. Arguing for and against the different revenue drivers pros and cons from a top-down perspective whilst also describing some of the more detailed elements of these drivers.

Whilst it is of course up to each individual Franchisee to ensure that their business runs successfully, Head office provides the support, processes, and systems to help Franchisees achieve their own business goals. Peoples long term goals may be different, but Head office tailors the support to your individual business, from weekly group sessions, quarterly business reviews, and a Whatsapp network for casual discussion all the way through to the 2021 Conference, Refresh Renovations wants their Franchisees to be as successful as possible – because your success is key to our success!

Some Healthy Competition!

After a few sessions with exceptional input and enthusiasm from the whole group, the workday was over and it was time for some gentle competition at a local karting track. Franchisees took to the tarmac to take on the challenge of becoming the fastest lap of the group.

Giving all attendees some free time to shower off the track before dinner, we head into our evening party.

Dinner & Awards

With everyone showered but still a little sore from Go Karting, the group headed out for dinner and Awards at one of the local traditional venues in Edwinstowe, the home of Robin Hood.

A combination of a beautiful dinner, networking, and overindulgence of imbibing, The Refresh awards ceremony was informal and fun with lots of clapping and cheering, some surprise announcements and plenty of great Franchisees receiving some well-deserved acknowledgements for their achievements

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