What sort of support is offered by the master franchise?
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What sort of support is offered by the master franchise?

Perhaps with some Franchise business models, new franchisees are given training and then left to fend for themselves in the real world. But here at Refresh Renovations, we pride ourselves on our ongoing support system, working with Franchisees both new and existing to help grow and improve their businesses based on their own personal business goals.

After the initial training period upon starting your Franchise Business, Refresh continues to offer head office support in the shape of:

“How has the Master Franchise support helped with your business?”

Kelley Malcher, Surrey & Woking

“I wouldn’t have started a business without a franchise, I didn’t have any experience as a business owner with accounts, with the legality of running a business, so actually having a franchise support is something that I needed to start a business and I would highly recommend it to anybody that wants to start a business without the experience of running a business in the past” Kelley

Roger & Tracy Kinsman, Brighton and Hove.

“It has been really fantastic; umm it is great having a dedicated business manager who listens to what we want from our business umm its just great having that support there and knowing that any questions or concerns that we have – there is always somebody at the end of the phone who is more than happy to help.

The network is fantastic as well and so it is really great that the master franchise supports that collaboration as well, it’s a really helpful.” Tracy

“I think it can be quite scary when you haven’t run a business before and not done renovations umm before, actually having that level of support to guide us because it is scary enough when you first start your own business but actually having that support there from the master franchise but the rest of the team as well.

We all get each other through it and give each other advice and give each other the time and sometimes all you need is just an ear just to talk to sometimes, just a sanity check umm but the fact that they are so available helps us massively.” Roger

“Absolutely and what I really like about it, is that they are rally supportive of what we want from our business – not every franchise will have the same goals and plans for their business umm and that doesn’t matter it is not a one size fits all situation, so we really get the support that we want to make the business the business that we want” Tracy

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