What do franchisees enjoy about being a Franchisee?
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What do franchisees enjoy about being a Franchisee?

For many people the motivators behind beginning a Franchise Business is financial freedom. The ability to be in charge of your own income generation is both a blessing and a curse. Many Franchise business owners have the ability to facilitate a much healthier work life balance than many of those in corporate roles. The freedom to be in charge of your own schedules and responsibilities allows for greater freedoms on your day to day life.

Refresh Renovations Franchise business owners can benefit from the following:

We asked some of our franchisees what are the main benefits of running a Refresh franchise?

Kelley Malcher, Surrey & Woking

“Being my own boss, so having the freedom to structure my day as I want, structure my salary as I want, structure you know my holidays and all my personal life.

So being able to take an afternoon off when I want to, being able to pay myself some dividends if I want to, so just the freedom of having your own business basically is the best partKelley

“Being part of a team! Knowing that although it's your own business, you're never alone and that you're never too far away from help, whether that be from the master franchise or your fellow franchisees. Also, to some extent that I am playing a part to help make a change - "Changing the way the world renovates". Asif Hameed

Roger & Tracy Kinsman, Brighton and Hove.

“It has been really nice to work together umm it is the first time that we have done that, we had our own careers previously, so it was really, really nice to be able to do this together. We are very different people with different skillsets, so I think we compliment each other really nicely and I think it has really helped us with the business.” Tracy

“Yeah, and building something from the ground up, coming from different careers has actually been challenging and exciting in equal measure umm but you always feel like you are growing” Roger

“Yeah, and it’s really nice to know that we are in charge, it is our business ultimately and where we want to take it is entirely up to us and it is down to us to make that happen so that is really nice.” Tracy

“We show the kids that anything is possible” Roger

A franchise business with head office support

I have been self employed running my own business prior to taking on a Refresh Franchise, so i already had all the benefits of quitting the day job prior to this. However, i can say that the one thing that stands out for me in terms of a benefit of running a Refresh Franchise is the head office support. Knowing that there is a network to bounce ideas off, and working through a tried and tested business model is such a stark difference to floating around on your own as a self employed person. Also, lead generation… i have to spend much less time sourcing my own leads now because i have the support of a network and head office, paid online advertising and a constant trickle of leads coming through really takes the pressure off." Bryony Edwards

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