The best bit about delivering projects for customers
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The best bit about delivering projects for customers

There are few things more satisfying than a job done well, setting out goals and achieving them is the benchmark of attaining some form of happiness.

The Refresh process enables us to properly plan out build projects to ensure that our customers get exactly what they wanted with a process surrounded with transparency and clarity. And, whilst we acknowledge that you can’t please everyone, and sometimes there will be the odd unforeseen difficulty - for the most part our customers are over the moon with the projects we work on and in turn our Franchisees get great satisfaction from delivering projects for customers.

What do our franchisees enjoy the most about delivering projects for customers?

Roger & Tracy Kinsman, Brighton and Hove.

“It is a real satisfaction I think, its umm when the customer initially makes contact, they are often really, really worried and they have got these grand ideas and they have thought a lot about it, but they are really concerned, but coming out of the other end of it being able to look back and say actually we really have delivered for that customer.

They have got really what they wanted out of it and with no stress, and our process has really helped them, and we get to actually make friends with our customers as well to a degree, so it is really, really nice just seeing them being able to use their home in the way that they have envisaged at the very, very beginning.Tracy

“I enjoy hearing what they want right at the start, seeing how it is developing during the middle and then delivering it at the end with the challenges that go with all renovations but actually seeing the reaction at the end and going to the final meetings and having a chat with them.Roger

Kelley Malcher, Surrey & Woking

“Seeing their face at the end of it, they get so excited especially if they haven’t seen the project while we have been progressing. We do send photos and videos to them but to actually see the space and feel it in real life some people get very excited.

If they have been in the house while we have been doing the project the excitement at the end is not quite as much but that is lovely because I get to spend the time and interact with them on a daily basis.Kelley

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