Setting business goals for a Refresh franchise
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Setting business goals for a Refresh franchise

Setting targets is a fundamental part of running a Franchise Business. Its important to have realistic goals, and to break down these goals into achievable targets to work towards growing your business. The Refresh Master Franchise works with Franchisees to identify their personal business goals and formulate plans to achieve those.

What are your next targets and what have you put in place to achieve those?

“Okay so next target in terms of opportunities in the business then I would say umm me being able to sell more, so actually taking away more of the admin tasks that I currently do around the accounts potentially I could outsource or maybe some of the sales functions but at the moment I am doing the selling and the accounts. So, one of those I could give to someone else to do and it will actually free up my time to concentrate on the other one better Kelley

Roger & Tracy Kinsman, Brighton and Hove.

“So we have got some ambitious turnover targets umm what we want to achieve is for Rodger and I to be able to step away from the day to day activities of the business and start looking from a more strategic role, we want to really grow the business umm so in order to do that we have recently put in place umm an admin role which is really, really helping and they are supporting within the office and also project and sale report as well so that is really helpful in terms of moving the projects forward.

We are also intending to recruit a salesperson very imminently and that will really help free us up from the day to day works so we can really look from a strategic perspective so we can look at how we are investing in our marketing, other activities that we can do to get out to more and more customer so we can help them.” Tracy

“And of course, if we are going to be employing somebody in sales, we want to invest more in our marketing strategy and follow our market plan umm and umm make sure we have got more work coming through or more leads coming through for our sales consultant to go and see and hopefully the turnover is there, and it grows the business further.Roger

“To grow my business. I have recently exhibited at a Home Show in the local area. I would definitely recommend this if you get a chance. Lots of good leads and a great opportunity to build your database of potential future customers.” Dan Norcross

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