Refresh's centralised project management partners
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Refresh's centralised project management partners

At Refresh we are constantly working with our franchisees to identify ways in which we can help them to further grow their business and revenues.

One of the aspects of running any business that can prove challenging is the recruitment of team members that are aligned with the company's vision, values and processes. Within a Refresh business, it is likely that the first team member our franchisees look to take on is that of a Project Manager, who will be responsible for the technical execution of renovation projects.

To enable our franchisees to supercharge their business growth, Refresh has partnered with a nationwide project management company, which has been established for the sole purpose of providing Refresh franchisees with a sub-contracted solution for this role.

Refresh’s project management partners are fully trained in our processes and systems and know exactly what it takes to deliver a Refresh Renovations project, meaning that franchisees can focus on their business, knowing that project delivery is in the best hands possible.

This service is available to all franchisees but is perhaps of most value to new franchisees which, when combined with the centralised administration function, allows franchisees to launch and scale their business with turnkey solutions for the key hires in their organisations.

What Services are offered by Refresh’s project management partners?

Our nationwide project management partners offer A scalable and cost-effective solution for our franchisee's project management needs, including:

How has the integrated project management partner added value to Franchisees businesses?

Roger & Tracy Kinsman, Brighton and Hove.

“The project manager partner is brilliant so it has allowed me to outsource projects without having to take on a full-time project manager, again it allows you to scale so we can pick and choose projects and just give them to the project management partner.

Its brilliant they take it on, and I get to spend a lot of time with the customers, doing the nice parts really and not having to deal with construction sideTracy

Kelley Malcher, Surrey & Woking

“I think that has been incredibly valuable to us, we employed a project manager very early on and as projects are coming in faster and faster, we need to have that buffer zone to support us and in turn our customers to keep projects moving along, up to date and moving in the right direction.

So actually, having that subcontracted team to come and support us has been massive.” Kelley

“Having the PM providing the design and support work throughout the process makes the process more efficient. Being part of the project for advice to us and the client. Regular reviews and updates for me then to keep the client informed of the progress and helping keep project momentum.” Sophia

Using Corin Management on my projects has made life much simpler. I would definitely recommend using them.” Dan

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