Project Management Solution for Refresh Franchisees
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Project Management Solution for Refresh Franchisees

As Refresh Renovations UK grows and develops in the UK market, we are always looking for new and innovative ways to support our Franchisees.

We have teamed up with an exceptional project management company, who are able to offer project management services to our Franchisees nationwide on a project by project basis. This turnkey project management solution allows our franchisees to grow their business rapidly without having to worry about increasing fixed overheads.

What are the benefits of turnkey project management?

A scalable and cost effective solution for our franchisees project management needs:

Project management catered to your franchise business.

Refresh’s turnkey project management partners are experienced and immersed in the Refresh processes and systems, enabling them to help and guide new or less experienced franchisees through their projects without trepidation or hesitation, knowing that the project management team are on hand to offer support and services from the first stages of the design, all the way through to the finished build. Managing all aspects of the project from end to end including:

Our project management partners are experienced and fully integrated with the Refresh business model, meaning that they understand our systems, allowing Franchisees to focus on the top down aspects of growing their business and leaving the nitty gritty of build projects to the experts.

Our project management partners manage on site contractor relationships, liaising with 3rd party suppliers and contractors during the build stage, Allowing franchisees to take a top down approach to their business management, not having to “sweat the small stuff” and keep their heads out of the minutiae of the build projects.

The project management team work on fixed rates for the different stages of the Refresh process, allowing Franchisees to build the cost of project management directly into their payment plan, meaning the business remains cash positive. This structure also allows for a scalable support model removing fixed expenditures and allowing franchisees to scale up with ease.

Project management support at every stage of the design and build process.

As a fully integrated preferred supplier, the project management team are able to take on projects at any stage of the Refresh process, however projects are most de-risked, and managed most efficiently if the team are on board right from the first stage.

During the entire project, Franchisees receive access to an online project management tool, allowing them to see exactly where we are with projects, what needs doing and receive ongoing support from the team during the course of the project. The team works nationally for Refresh franchisees, and represents the Refresh brand when dealing with 3rd party suppliers and contractors nationwide, giving you access to additional resources and suppliers.

Having an integrated project management service supports new and existing franchisees to streamline their processes allowing business managers to reduce time and costs by improving efficiencies within the workflow.

Training of existing or full time project managers.

Our Project Management partners will also work with franchisees to get the most benefit out of their existing or full-time employed project managers, offering bespoke training, templated documentation, and (excuse the pun) Refreshers to help project managers stay the course with systems and processes. Project management training is offered on a case by case basis, and the team will happily liaise with franchisees and head office to help get the best out of your team.

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