Our supplier relationship: what it means for you
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Our supplier relationship: what it means for you

ARTICLE Libby Schultz

One of the keys to running a successful business is being able to build a trusted network of suppliers and tradespeople.

When you’re starting a business from scratch, it can take years (and is often a costly process of trial and error!).

As a Refresh franchise owner, you will have access to our network of proven tradespeople and leading product suppliers, right from day one. You will reap the benefits from our established partnerships – whether it’s preferential pricing on quality products, free industry training and support, or access to a trusted team of highly-responsive tradies.

This article tells you more about the kind of suppliers Refresh works with, and the various ways you’ll benefit.

A two-way partnership

As the first nationwide consolidated group specialising in the renovation market, Refresh has ‘first-mover advantage’ when it comes to partnering with industry suppliers.

In fact, as Refresh director Chris Caiger explains, the industry was waiting for just such an opportunity. While supplier partnerships are very common in the new-build market – where there are numerous consolidated groups – there were previously no similar opportunities in the renovation space.

“Refresh is a very attractive model for suppliers because they like to deal with larger, professionally-aligned businesses,” says Chris.

“The construction industry is very keen to work with us, and we’re able to choose a number of leading suppliers we want to partner with.”

Although there are preferred suppliers, adds Chris, they are not exclusive or mandatory. Refresh franchise owners will always have complete freedom over the suppliers they choose to work with.

Our product partners

So, who do we partner with?

In each national market, Refresh identifies the leading suppliers in three areas – large manufacturing companies, national distributors of building materials, and independent suppliers.

For instance, Mitre10 is one of Australia’s leading building material suppliers with over 220 trade outlets. CEO Mark Laidlaw says they are proud to be partnering with Refresh.

“Refresh has broken the mould to establish a successful national ‘group builder’ in the renovation market,” he says.

“They have a design-and-build offer that transforms the homeowner renovation experience, and the business is underpinned by strong processes and IT systems.”

Another independent supplier, The Tile Depot, is another enthusiastic advocate for the Refresh brand.

“The renovation market is a huge part of our business, and having direct access to a nationwide chain of renovation businesses is logically a great fit,” says Mike Syddall, general manager of The Tile Depot.

“Refresh is an amazing business model and we have no doubt it will continue to grow nationally and internationally.”

Preferential pricing

Chris says the supplier partnerships offer franchise owners a number of key benefits.

“Firstly, it means our franchise owners have access to excellent pricing, which has been negotiated to recognise the scale we bring to market. These are typically automatic discounts applied across the supplier’s range of products.”

Other benefits include excellent on-site support from suppliers, as well as product-specific training and education provided for Refresh teams.

Mike Syddall from The Tile Depot says his business is committed to building a strong relationship with franchise owners.

“We see huge value in being perceived in the market as a renovation destination – something that is enhanced by rubbing shoulders with the Refresh group. We are committed to publishing regular ads in Renovate Magazine, and a silver support at the annual Refresh conference.”

Our service partners

As a franchise owner, you will also have instant access to a network of trusted, proven tradespeople who have an established relationship with Refresh. These include a variety of sub-trades; electricians, plumbers, tilers, painters and more.

“These are local operators who have proven themselves to be highly capable, professional and reliable,” says Chris.

“They are also people who share our values – they prefer to work with Refresh because our systems and project management ensure the job is managed to high professional standards.”

They are also highly motivated to deliver consistently high service to Refresh clients, says Chris.

“For many of these tradespeople, Refresh projects will form almost all or the majority of the work they do. They are therefore very loyal and committed to delivering the same high standards for every job.”

Unrivalled benefits

Overall, says Chris, the supplier partnerships represent a strong win-win for franchise owners.

“Refresh is positioned as the renovation builder of choice – not only with customers, but also within the construction industry. These supplier relationships are a key platform in our business model; and they allow us to grow scale, market presence and profitability.”

But most importantly, it offers compelling business advantages to Refresh franchise owners.

“Our franchise owners have access to quality products and services, at a great price, and with full back-up and support. This level of partnership is simply not available to small one-person builders; and so it provides our teams with a clear advantage in the marketplace.”

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