Our franchisees favourite renovation projects!
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Our franchisees favourite renovation projects!

One of the major joys of running a Refresh franchise business, aside from quitting the 9-5, being in charge of your schedule and being the master of your own destiny, is delivering projects for customers. Many of our Franchisees begin their journey with a passion for property renovation anyway, whether that stems from taking on their own home renovations, or flipping properties for a profit, and taking a dull shell of a tired run-down property and transforming it into a lavish newly renovated home is hugely satisfying.

We asked our Franchisees, What has been your favourite home renovation?

Roger & Tracy Kinsman, Brighton and Hove.

My favourite renovation was one of our first, umm it was a 1920’s farmhouse cottage that didn’t have a proper roof on it, hadn’t been touched since it was built. Umm no damp course, every problem you could possibly come up with, with a property was our first charm into the world of renovations.

Umm but actually from the start from the design and from what the customer wanted, facing those challenges, learning those lessons – some of the hard lessons and actually coming out with such a positive result it is probably why it makes it my favourite project just because it looked fab. The customers were delighted with it, but it probably had every challenge under the sun, and it was such a stark difference from start to finish. It looked fabulous.” Roger

Kelley Malcher, Surrey & Woking

“That is also a difficult question, umm I, we have had a few projects where they have been relatively new builds, and everything has gone seamlessly no problems whatsoever.

However, they are not as interesting as the old buildings, so actually, I really like doing listed buildings or projects that are actually more problematic because they are a little bit more fun and a little bit more interesting to do.” Kelley

Hard work pays dividends

It feels like the general consensus across the board is that whilst an easy project which runs smoothly and looks good at the end is great, but it doesn't give the same level of satisfaction as the tricky projects which require more input and perhaps a little more blood sweat and tears to get over the finish line. It would seem that with the trickier projects, that the juice is worth the squeeze.

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