Integrated Admin Services
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Integrated Admin Services

One of the major barriers to scaling any business is establishing the right time at which to start building your team and doing so in a way that does not place undue pressure on your fixed overheads.

Here at Refresh we have identified that scalable and integrated centralised resources can help our franchisees grow their businesses without having to commit to full-time recruitment and fixed overhead.

Refresh offers our franchisees access to a centralised administration function allowing them to outsource some of their days to day administrative requirements, meaning that they can grow their teams cost-effectively and without the need to train and manage new team members.

As the centralised administration can scale as your business does it offers a truly turnkey solution to Refresh franchisees.

What do our franchisees think of the integrated admin function?

Kelley Malcher, Surrey & Woking

“Oh, that is brilliant, having someone centrally means that I can be out and about and that I have a personal assistant to put meetings in my diary, so I don’t miss anything, all the things that I would usually need to be in the office to do - I don’t have to worry about, so yeah that is a really brilliant service, and I would recommend it” Kelley

What services are covered by the centralised admin function?

Refreshes centralised administration service allows Franchisees to focus on the areas of the business that drive revenue and growth, whilst allowing the administration function to take care of:

As the centralised administration function is fully trained and managed by head office, franchisees can be assured that their administration is being executed to the highest standard without the need for them to invest their time in personal development.

This allows for a great portion of the upfront man-hours to be outsourced to a centralised service which frees up the franchisee to focus on growing their business from a more top-down perspective.

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