Google Representatives Endorse Refresh Marketing Team
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Google Representatives Endorse Refresh Marketing Team

The Refresh Renovations Online Digital Marketing team at Traffic received an endorsement from Google Partner Representatives, for their work in Adwords online marketing and business strategies.

The Google partner representatives say:

“It is a pleasure to work and support Traffic as an AdWords Agency due to their long-term focus on achieving client goals. Consulting with Traffic, having the Google Partners Badge, allows for a more in-depth discussion on strategies, for their clients, due to their understanding of the platform. In turn, this leads to more interesting projects as we work together to source additional traffic for lower costs. The fact that the Google AdWords system itself changes regularly, coupled with the dynamic nature of consumer demands, leads to an increasing need to work with someone that understand both areas completely. Traffic is that someone. Traffic are, by far, an expert when it comes to AdWords Online Marketing and business strategies.”

The digital marketing team at Refresh head office uses best practices, and industry and customer insights to continually optimise digital marketing channels, with the aim to produce effective campaigns for Refresh.

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