February Update - Lead Generation Milestones
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February Update - Lead Generation Milestones

As you probably know, Lead generation is a key driver for a successful franchise business. The Refresh master franchise is invested in growing organic lead generation for our Franchisees, along with assisting our franchisees with their local marketing to grow their own lead generation channels.

Our consumer lead numbers were at a record high for our UK team this January, with consumer enquiries 70% higher than the January 2021. Through all our combined lead generation channels, our head office and franchisees have managed to pull through a whopping £18.6M in potential project value in just a single month!

Lead Generation Channels

This spike in lead generation has been across the board of marketing channels.With the head office team working hard behind the scenes to pull organic traffic to the website using SEO rich web content, a big push on social media and direct email marketing to our extended database to grow our organic lead generation. This is great news for our franchisees for multiple reasons. The head office is actively investing into content to generate leads long term and show support for the franchisees using a consistent and methodical approach. These types of leads typically perform 54% better than other lead generation channels, so this investment is truly testament to the Refresh’s investment into our franchisees lead generation performance.

Franchisees Smashing Local Marketing

In addition to the head office push on organic lead generation, we have seen our franchises really taking their local marketing to another level with several taking part in home shows, with the most recent producing leads generated to a value of £2.8M. Home show leads also see a higher than average sales conversion rate, along with increasing overall brand awareness in the UK market.

It’s wonderful to see Franchisees from all over the UK coming together to support each other with their local marketing endeavors, and we are seeing the fruits of their labor coming through in their lead numbers.

Digital Advertising Leads are Up!

Paid online advertising has also seen a big jump in lead generation numbers, from facebook advertising to google adwords we have seen a rise of 35% in digital online advertising leads. Digital online advertising has the benefit of being diverse and flexible, with very little active input from the Franchisees. Digital online advertising churns away in the background allowing franchisees to focus on other lead generation channels, safe in the knowledge that their online advertising investment will deliver leads to their pipeline.

Our exclusive partnerships with key online directories has also enabled our franchisees to generate leads from these channels cost effectively and in record numbers.

A Word from our General Manager

“I am delighted for our franchisees on the January lead generation performance, Marie (the UK Franchise Business Manager) has been working closely with the teams on marketing and business plans for 2022 and those efforts are really bearing fruit.

A particular a highlight for me is the continued strong performance of head office lead generation, this is an area we have invested in heavily over the last 12 months and the results have been spectacular”

Vincent Smith

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