Chris Caiger, co-founder of Refresh Renovations, shares solution to better renovation experiences
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Chris Caiger, co-founder of Refresh Renovations, shares solution to better renovation experiences

Traditionally, when renovating, homeowners have had to organise the project themselves from start to finish. This planning includes budgeting, concept creation, coordinating tradespeople, and checking for adequate completion… It's no small task.

Chris Caiger, the co-founder of Refresh Renovations, is changing the way the world renovates. Recently, he was invited by Eden Exchanges, an Australian business networking company, to feature on episode #213 of their podcast show, and discuss his solution for better renovation outcomes.

Before founding Refresh, Chris spent a lot of time studying building companies to identify commonalities between those delivering positive project outcomes. He wanted to know who was doing it better: the smaller building companies or the commercial building companies?

His research found that project success depended massively on the building company’s structure. Chris explained, “When you look at the reason why renovations fail, it's not about the skills of the tradesmen, it’s about the processes and systems.”

Of the two, commercial companies had it right, the bottom line being better resource utilisation. “The typical utilisation of a little trade builder is only about 40% because 60% of their time is spent running their business. Whereas, the typical trade utilisation in a commercial company is about 95%,” says Chris.

Thus, the solution for a better renovation model became obvious: run it like a business, not like a trade. And that’s just what Chris has accomplished through co-founding Refresh Renovations.

“What we’ve done is take those processes and systems that work in the commercial, new home market and apply them to the renovation sector. So you’ve got an owner, owning and running the business, [along with] a project manager, who's employed by that business to run projects.”

Over the years, Refresh Renovations has grown rapidly, completing thousands of fantastic renovation projects for homeowners worldwide. You can find Refresh’s franchises across New Zealand, Australia, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

Chris welcomes those who are business-minded and passionate about property to consider becoming a Refresh franchisee. As a business opportunity within a trillion-dollar industry, you can make significant earnings for yourself and those involved – all while providing a wonderful renovation experience with the support of Refresh’s carefully designed systems and processes.

From design to build, home improvements no longer have to be difficult. It’s time to change the way the world renovates, and Refresh Renovations is here to help us make that difference.

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