Business experience first…industry knowledge second
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Business experience first…industry knowledge second

You’d be forgiven for assuming you need to be a builder to become a Refresh franchise owner. Actually, the opposite is true. In fact, we’d rather our franchise owners were not builders.

“It’s not a case of, ‘you can get away with not having any building experience’,” says Refresh Renovations director Chris Caiger. “We actually don’t want builders to run Refresh franchises. We’re specifically looking for business people.”

Why? Refresh Renovations aren’t builders; we’re a building company. As such, we’re looking for successful business managers and leaders to take ownership of the Refresh brand and help develop it into a thriving international renovation company.

The franchise owner does not have to be a builder because the business they run employs a builder with the required construction skills. Everyone does what they do best. Project managers focus on managing the trade specialists, builders focus on building, designers focus on designing, and landscapers focus on landscaping. Franchise owners focus on running their business and making it successful.

So what skillset is Refresh looking for in a franchisee? First and foremost, a Refresh franchise owner needs to know how to run and grow a business. They have a proven track record in business management and leadership - whether that’s in a small business or large enterprise - and relish the challenge of developing a new business from the ground up.

Refresh franchisees should have a strong understanding of best business practice and how to get the best out of their people, while at the same time, understanding how to promote their business to get the best out of Refresh.

They need to have empathy with the renovation market. While they don’t need to know anything about the legalities around the renovation industry, familiarity is helpful. At the very least, a desire to learn new information is essential. Once they’ve joined the Refresh family, franchise owners should expect to invest a lot of time learning about the renovation industry and rub shoulders with the more experienced Refresh franchisees in order to provide their clients with the best service possible.

Providing a great customer experience is at the core of the Refresh value proposition - so all Refresh franchisees must go above-and-beyond to make the homeowner’s dreams a reality. A personable tone and an authentic desire to make dreams come true are essential to building a strong relationship with your clients. Remember, a person’s home is where the greatest memories of their lives are created. Sensitivity and patience are key to ensuring your clients emerge smiling and stress-free at the end of their renovation experience.

Time-management, multi-tasking, familiarity with technology and excellent communication skills are also characteristics of a successful Refresh renovation specialist. As a Refresh franchise owner, you will be juggling lots of different projects at the same time, so it’s essential that you know how to manage your workload efficiently.

Finally, while franchise owners are effectively creating their own small business, they are also part of the larger Refresh group. Franchisees are expected to uphold the beliefs of Refresh and our wider community. No man is an island, as the saying goes, and the group is much stronger when all of its components work together. We encourage all Refresh franchise owners to take advantage of the experience that goes before them to create a successful and profitable business.

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