Advice for new franchisees starting a franchise
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Advice for new franchisees starting a franchise

Taking the leap into starting a Franchise business can feel like jumping into the unknown, but here at Refresh we are doing everything we can to support and guide our potential Franchisees so they know exactly what to expect before they commit to their new business venture.

Refresh prides itself on it’s transparent approach to all elements of the business, enabling our potential Franchisees to have an in-depth understanding of the business during the due diligence stages prior to any contractual obligations.

We decided to ask some of our existing franchisees what advice they would have given themselves looking back to when they were considering the business.

What would existing Franchisees advice be if they could go back in time and give themselves advice?

Tracy and Roger, Brighton and Worthing

“Generally, just to have confidence, have confidence in yourself, in the process, in Refresh, confidence in your business plan, your marketing plan – it all funnels into one so that is what I would say to us looking back.

It is going to come, just get stuck in and go for it.” Tracy

“Believe in the process, really believe in the process, don’t question it, just keep pushing forward, believe in the process and have faith.” Roger

“Invest more time and money into marketing my business to increase the number of leads. Of course, the first and most important thing you must do is learn and follow the process, but ultimately it's about numbers because, for every 'yes' you're going to get, you're probably going to get lots of 'nos'.” Asif

A unique franchise business model

A Refresh renovations franchise is built on great marketing and volumes of leads. High value projects, combined with long lead times means that our franchisees can run a very successful business without having to push conversion rates. Franchisees are in charge of the scalability of their business with a flexible approach to local marketing, and the more franchisees invest in lead generation, the quicker they can scale their business. Ready to start your Refresh Franchise Business Journey? Why not get in touch with our team today to find out more!

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