A day in the life of a Refresh Franchisee
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A day in the life of a Refresh Franchisee

Ask any Franchise business owner what their typical day looks like and the likely answer would be “what on earth is a typical day?!”. Successful Franchise business owners don’t tend to be content with the humdrum of the standard 9-5 and thrive on the entrepreneurial lifestyle. Whilst running your own business is undoubtedly hard work that requires discipline, motivation and consistency, it also allows for many freedoms not available to those in the corporate world, the flexibility to define your own work-life balance without anyone dictating your hours and holiday entitlements are key to this.

The freedom of running a franchise business:

Kelley Malcher, Surrey & Woking

“There isn’t a typical day, however, I do try and do my admin first thing in the morning, then I have a team meeting, then I move on to customer meetings. You don’t have to do that though, that is the lovely thing about owning a business you can do it any way you want.

So, you might have just one meeting with your team a week or you might only see customers twice a week, so it really doesn’t matter it is entirely up to you and that is the beauty of it. That is just the way I do it.”


Many of our Franchisees report particularly enjoying the flexibility of being able to balance work and home life on their own schedule, without having anyone else to answer with. Being in charge of your own schedule can be enlightening, and for those of us that need a little push to remain on track our bespoke CRM system for managing customer relationships and communications is perfect to help with scheduling and organisation.

Franchise business owners work many roles:

Roger & Tracy Kinsman, Brighton and Hove.

“A typical morning, we start with a meeting with the team, and we talk about the jobs we have got in the coming day and the progress on other jobs that we did the day before.

We then go and see customers and do our visits, talk about the renovations and projects they are looking at doing - we then get the briefing forms collated and back out to the customers.”


After this we may liaise with designers, and the project management team, ensuring that we are up to speed with all the documentation and planning elements for our build projects.


Flexibility and variety within a franchise business

The single most important takeaway from this is that no day is exactly the same when running your own business. So, if you are the type of person who thrives on variety and is flexible to bend to the needs of your business then maybe running a Refresh Franchise is for you!

Many of our Franchisees are now scaling their businesses by outsourcing many of the roles they were fulfilling themselves in the beginning, allowing them more freedom to focus strategically on their business expansion.

Ready to start your Refresh Franchise Business Journey? Why not get in touch with our Team today to find out more!

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