Tradies you take care of the job - Refresh will take care of the admin!

Tradies you take care of the job - Refresh will take care of the admin!

Accounting software company Reckon recently published a report which looks at the effects of admin work on small business tradespeople in Australia. According to the report, admin isn’t just draining on your time and finances - it also takes the joy out of the job. Looking at the facts, it’s clear that Refresh is the solution that many small business trades have been waiting for.

According to the report:

“Australian small businesses are estimated to collectively spend over $20B a year on admin”


When you're working with Refresh, most of the admin is taken care of for you. We have fantastic scheduling and costing systems which ensure projects run to budget and everyone gets paid on time. All you need to do is turn up to site and get the job done - we’ll cover the rest.


“Half of small business owners are also willing to sacrifice wellbeing”


At Refresh, we ensure every area of the home renovation experience is covered by people who are experts in their field. Each project is led by a renovation consultant - who takes care of the customer service and business management side of things. Behind them is a large, supportive team of marketing specialists - helping to bring in ongoing customer leads. Basically, we want to work with you because you are an expert at your particular trade - we don’t expect you to carry out any work outside of this area of expertise. This means less stress for you and more work/lifestyle balance.


“Administration and red tape is costing small business tradies an average of 525 hours in time”


The Refresh process saves people time, all-round, and provides every customer with one point of contact and end-to-end project management. This reduces any chance of on-site miscommunication and projects running over deadlines. Our renovation consultants take care of all of the behind the scenes admin - leaving you with time to enjoy your personal life at the end of the work day.  


“The pressure of administrative tasks and red tape has caused 58 per cent of all small business leaders surveyed to make an error that has had a financial implication” 

Refresh follows the same process for every renovation - meaning financial decisions are the franchise owners responsibility, every time. There are 5 steps to the Refresh process:


  1. The renovation consultant meets with a potential client to discuss their ideas

  2. The project feasibility stage - architectural concepts, cost estimates and timelines are drawn up and reviewed.

  3. Working drawings are developed and approved. Contracts are signed.

  4. The Refresh project manager will brief their team on the work required and oversee it to completion. (This is where you come in!) 

  5. Council documentation is completed and the owners are presented with their newly renovated home. 

“Half of small business tradies (47%) say the admin and red tape of running their business is ‘killing the dream’ that made them start it in the first place”

Refresh can help you to get back to focusing on the work that you enjoy, while someone who thrives on carrying out business management and administration can focus on the work that they enjoy. It’s a win-win, and it’s an approach that is improving the home renovation experience for everyone involved. 



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