Get to know: Mark Zilm

Get to know: Mark Zilm

Mark Zilm

Operations Manager in Australia

With more than 25 years of management experience, Operations Manager of Refresh Renovations Australia Mark Zilm, says a successful Refresh franchise is as much about efficient business management as it is building.
“I’ve worked in the building sector, HR, finance and general management, which means I can help Refresh franchises get the most out of all aspects of their business, not just the building component,” Mark says.
Responsible for overseeing Refresh Renovations’ expansion into Australia, Mark manages everything from delivering introduction presentations, to assisting franchisees with due diligence, supporting them during on-boarding, and teaching them how to access the business support systems that will help them achieve their goals. He says the beauty of the Refresh model is that it allows franchisees to fast-track their success by learning from the work and experience of others.
“Our system has been developed and refined over many years. Franchisees don’t have to reinvent the wheel; all they’ve got to do is follow the system.”
But Mark says it’s important to understand Refresh before committing.
“Prospective franchisees need to be able to manage people and sell in a consultative way,” he says. “They also need to understand operations and financials, including cash flow, as well as the potential return on their investment.”
There’s a lot of potential in the Australian renovation market to create a really successful business.

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