Franchisee testimonial: Diana May

Franchisee testimonial: Diana May

I’ve worked in finance and operations for large companies, particularly telecommunications and technology companies, right down to small family-owned business.

Most recently I went back to my roots and was running an organic farm. I certainly didn’t have a construction background.
We don’t need building industry experience because we recruit a builder. Mine has that expertise already so I’m free to use my skills in managing the other aspects of the business – such as finance, managing operations, suppliers, handling customer expectations and local marketing.
One of the main advantages of the relationship is Refresh Renovations’ expertise in marketing. We rely on them very heavily to drive that, mostly through the internet. We just couldn’t do it without them.
They’ve helped drive leads through to Perth and help us get a good pipeline of prospective clients. Once we’ve got the leads in, it’s obviously up to us to manage them and convert those leads. Having Refresh Renovations behind us really helps us to do that.
The quality of the website and the articles they publish give us a lot of credibility with clients that we wouldn’t have if we were just another independent builder.
It’s a very competitive market. There are literally thousands of builders in WA, so it would be very hard for us to differentiate ourselves without the Refresh Renovations brand behind us.
With the website and all the content generation and digital marketing, there’s a whole lot of stuff going on in the background that, as a sole trader you’d just never have the time to do. Digital marketing isn’t something you can just dip in and out of.
For most homeowners the thought of renovating can be very daunting and sometimes meeting builders confuses them even more. The six-step process allows us to simplify any project into something that can be understood by everyone. Clients like the fact that we try to understand them and establish a relationship. We take into account all their feedback and don’t try and make them sign a contract on day one. They appreciate that.
We’ve got every type of renovation going on at the moment – ranging from smaller projects like kitchens and bathrooms to complete house renovations, where homeowners want to completely transform their property.
The cost of moving is really high so people would prefer to just renovate what they already have, particularly if they like the location and it’s convenient for work or school. So they try and create more room or just make the home more comfortable for everyone.
It’s a fun business to work in and it’s nice to build personal relationships with clients. There’s a lot of satisfaction in delivering on their projects and transforming people’s property.
I’ve also enjoyed the fact that it’s been an opportunity to learn, do something new and that it has exposed me to new experiences.

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